Laundry for hair.

0114 276 3645

151 Sellers Wheel
Arundel Street
Sheffield, S1 2NU

Laundry for hair, for cuts, for color.

Laundry is an inclusive and award winning Sheffield hairdressers, specialising in cool cuts and quality hair colours for all. Come and see us whatever your hair needs and requirements to make you feel a whole lot of happy about the hair upon your head.

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151 Sellers Wheel Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 2NU

Patch test

Customers requesting color work are required to complete a patch test 48 hrs before their appointment.
No test. No go.


Sit down, relax and we'll chat about you and your hair - what you want, who you want to be, the best styles - basically everything you and we need to know. All stylists have comprehensive training and we’ve assembled what we believe to be an unbelievable array of talent.

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  • w/ Mitchell
    from 40.00
  • Superstar
    from 37.50
  • Star
    from 35.00
  • Advanced
    from 30.00
  • Regular
    from 25.00


  • w/ Mitchell
    from 60.00
  • Superstar
    from 55.00
  • Star
    from 50.00
  • Advanced
    from 45.00
  • Regular
    from 37.50


  • Short hair
    25 - 35
  • Long hair
    37.50 - 50

Hair coloring service

We aim to make the color experience one of total satisfaction and like all well constructed things lets start with the foundations; Consultation, Technique, Product and Patch test. Following these simple but essential steps ensure the day of your color will be a refreshment filled success.

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  • Balayage or Ombre
    from 75.00
  • Semi Color
    from 42.50
  • Permanent Color
    Root from 40.00
    Full from 55.00
  • Spin Dry
    from 30.00
    with Color
    from 25.00
  • Hair Highlight
    Partial from 57.50
    Half from 75.00
    Full from 90.00
  • Toner
    from 15.00
  • Color Treatment
    from 15.00
  • On Consultation

After care

Our stylist will give advice and recommendations on the best way to maintain and care for your color! After all knitwear isn’t washed with your sweat pants?

Please note

Customers requesting color work are required to complete a patch test 48 hrs before their appointment. No test. No go. If in doubt pop in and talk it out.

Meet the team

We are an award winning collaborative of minds who believe that excellent hairdressing should also be great value and affordable. As a team we're globally experienced and technically tip top, we're modest about our achievements as after all - this is all about you.


Creative director at Laundry for hair, Mitch unites his team with his vast experience in all things hair and represents what it means to be a true visionary. Humble as pie with razor sharp wit and a naturally keen business mind. Mitch is the perfect match made in hairdressing heaven.

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Laundrys most experienced stylists are "stars" and have a depth knowledge that reflects their time spent in the industry! Great to visit if shall we say things haven't always gone according to plan with your hair dreams.

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These are the guys keeping the stars on their toes! Yes we encourage competition amongst our staff, it keeps us striving to be better.

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The enfant terrible's of Laundry, classically trained but young and hungry and prepared to push the boundaries a little. Here for you and your hair everyday!

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See what they're saying...

Creative Head Mag

“Not just a stunning interior fashioned out of rescued wood, luxe leather, cool concrete and exposed brick, but also as the exciting new Laundry brand”

So... what you waiting for? ;)

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Appointments now available!

Great news! Laundry for hair is now open for pre-booked hair cut and colour appointments. We're so excited to welcome you through our doors whether it's your first time (hello, it's nice to see you) or your returning time (great to see you again).

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